Orgonite : A Complete Guide

Orgonite is the perfect antidote to the modern evils of radiation, excessive exposure and so on. It has its origin in the word ‘orgone’ or life energy.


  • Orgone means the ‘Life Energy flowing all around us. It is the western version of Prana or Chi.
  • Orgone word is derived from ‘Org’ meaning ‘impulse or excitement’.
  • The term was founded and coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.
  • Eastern philosophers and cultures are based on harnessing, utilising and balancing the ‘Life Energy’; which is also known as ‘Prana’ or ‘Prana Vayu’ in Indian culture and ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ in Chinese culture since ancient times.
  • The western philosophers and culture, on the other hand, were more focussed on physical energy. Physical energy is something that is quantifiable, observable and can been experimented on; on the other hand, life energy is more believed, felt and experienced.
  • Compared to the East, West has always been more sceptical. But in recent times believe in the life energy or Orgone has increased.
  • The truth is that all kinds of energies exist; some can be measured, while others felt. Like, you can measure heat, electricity etc. and feel love, compassion etc.


According to Dr. Reich they are:

  • Organic materials held and attach orgone energy.
  • Non-organic metals attract and then repel it rapidly.
  • It fills all space and is present everywhere (even when there is nothing but empty space, there’s Orgone energy).
  • It does not have any mass and has existed before the beginning of time.
  • It has strong affinity and attraction to/by water.
  • It is accumulated normally in living beings by ingestion of food, water, air and skin.
Figure 1 Chakra Multiplier and Reiki Orgonite


Orgonite is made up of organic, non-organic metal parts and quartz and is used to balance the Orgone or Life Energy.


1. The Organic parts are made of resin, which is made up of petro-chemicals and has carbon and hydrogen components.

2. Non-organic metal parts are made up of metal shavings of different kinds.

3. Quartz is present in the form of a Quartz crystal.

  • It is one of most found mineral on Earth’s surface.
  • Its chemical formula is SiO2.
  • It is physically very durable, chemically unreactive to most substances, can react in a special way to electricity and heat and has all the qualities to become a gemstone.
  • But, the most important thing about it is, when processed and cut into a crystal; depending upon its thickness it has a unique frequency on which it would resonate, for life.


  1. The principle they work on was found by Dr. Reich who found out that Organic material attract and hold orgone energy; while non-organic metals attract and repel orgone energy, simultaneously.
  2. So, an Orgonite is a 50-50 mix of resin and metal shavings, plus a Quartz crystal. It is mostly in a pyramid shape because that shape helps in equalised distribution of the materials and the energy, inside.
  3. Negative Energy or Energy which is out of shape is absorbed by the metal and resin mix and brought back to a healthy, vibrant state with the help of the Quartz crystal.


  • Dr. Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian scientist, who was influenced by the studies of Sigmund Freud who believed that everything that a living being does is innately related to its primal desire to reproduce.
  • In short, Primal energy/sexual energy also known as ‘Libido’ was the driving force of all life matter.
  • He was ousted from Germany, due to political differences between him and Hilter. He came to USA in 1939 and set up Orgone Institute (California) in 1942.
  • Dr. Reich was working on this theory that anything that is out of order or not working desirably can be rectified by the proper utilisation of the Orgone Energy, of that place or thing.
  • He was making weather controlling devices (Cloud Busters), devices which could make people have instant orgasms (Orgastic Potency) and devices which could collect and store orgone energy from the environment (Orgone Accumulators).
  • The then government didn’t like this kind of researches and devices, which were based on ‘Libido’ energy and with the help of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they banned him from sending his devices outside CA. Later, they even destroyed his lab; when he broke that ban.
  • His students such as Charles Kelley and other scientists in Germany, continued his research and finally setup the Institute of Orgonomic Science in New York in 1982. They still work in this field and publish their findings.
  • A lot of movies, novels and even an anime has been made on the use of Orgone energy. Some of them are WR: Mysteries of the Organisms (movie), Sleeper (movie), The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold (novel), Ink (novel) and Captain Earth (anime).
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Figure 2 Seven Chakra Energy Orgonite


Just like people do Yoga and Meditation, Qi Gong Meditation, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Acupuncture and Acupressure, etc to balance out the flow of life energy one can also use the Orgonite to balance out the imbalance in the Life energy around them.

  1. Better sleep with vivid dreams:
    • Especially for people who suffer from insomnia (less or no sleep), more/long sleepers. If one starts getting proper sleep then, they won’t be dreading their sleep time and hours.
    •  Dreams are an important part of sleep and are required to empty the mind from previous day’s info, so that brain is ready to take in more the next day.
  2. More Energy:
    • When there’s no wastage of energy, you get to have more of that energy for yourselves.
    • In a healthy body, same work would need lesser energy usage; whereas an un-healthy body would require more, as it would also need energy just to get them focussed and patient enough to start and complete that same work.
  3. Balanced Moods:
    1. Moods of a person are like tides in the ocean; normally you would and should change from one mood to another gradually.
    1. But when due to some unforeseen gravitational pulls like on a Super Moon, etc tides can be unpredictable and rash.
    1.  Just like that when your inner ecosystem is facing some unforeseen irregularity, you would have unpredictable mood swings.
  4. Decreased sensitivity to EMF:
    1. Due to so many gadgets around us, we face yet another challenge and that is to maintain equilibrium in our internal magnetic field.
    1. These gadgets produce Electro-Magnetic Field and since our body has magnetic field too, they interact and too much interaction makes our magnetic field distorted.
  5. Spiritual and Psychological growth:
    1. Both these growths need proper and guided exercise, just like you provide to your body in a gym and to your mind at school, college or work.
  6. Increased Resilience to Illness:
    1. It increases your immunity and tolerance, as the normal give and take of energy is not leaving you with less or more energy.
    1. So, when you face any touch situation or scenario; you can put more efforts into it.


  • This doesn’t mean that this device can replace professional medical care.
  • Everyone has a different functionality, metabolism and energy flow, so to some people this device connects instantly and starts showing effects, immediately. But for some, it takes time to show these effects.
  • So, don’t concern yourselves with why it worked for Tom faster and Katie slower or how and when it will work for me.
  • Here enters the faith, the belief that this will help and will bring balance. A constant negative outlook will contaminate the life energy.


  • We are 97% water-based life form and just like stagnant water, our energy can become stagnant too!
  • There are seven chakras in our body, which maintain, oversee and facilitate energy movement through our body. As stagnant water gets rotten and losses its potency, so does stagnant energy.
  • Stagnant energy can become negative as well, leading to a negative mindset and lifestyle.
  • Feng Shui or Wind and Water philosophy brings into picture two important forces of nature needed to sustain life. Chinese revered these two nature forces, as they brought the changes necessary to sustain life.
  • Change is important, in every sense of the way. Even in our energies!
  • We can change our external factors because we can see them. But how would we change our internal factors, we cannot see them.
  • One thing which we cannot see is the subtle energy which is present in all living and non-living beings, even in air, water, land and fire.
  • Dr. Reich termed this subtle energy as Orgone, while Chinese call it Chi or Qi and Ayurveda and Tantra call it Prana.
Figure 3 Golden tree healing crystal Orgonite
  • Only people with higher sensitivities can feel it, sense it and even bend it, according to their will for the good of the people.
  • Due to our connection with technology and disconnection from nature, we have become unbalanced in every sense of the word.
  • Our physical health is deteriorating, our mental balance is off, our metabolism has slowed down or in some cases increased pace and last but not the least, our emotional health is off the charts.
  • All this is because our Orgone is unbalanced or not replenishing. We try to substitute it with material things and pleasures, but they are short lived and never fill the void thus created.
  • Use of the Orgonite stones will help in maintaining the proper balance of the life energy.


Orgone can exist in two forms in our body i.e. Balanced or Positive Orgone and Unbalanced/Stagnant or Deadly Orgone.

Positive Orgone (POR)

  • The POR feels like life flowing as a stream itself.
  • It can be easily felt at places which are still untouched or less touched by technology.
  • For example, if you visit a naturally occurring river or stream or a lake, a waterfall, in the mountains or a forest.
  • There the water is clean; the air is fresh, and life is thriving.
  • But in actuality, that place is bursting with POR. Some can feel that radiance of this amazing jolt of POR.
  • *FYI: One good thing to check out is ‘Forest Bathing’, which was devised by Japanese in 70s – 80s. It states that 15-20 minutes spent in a Forest doing anything or nothing, will recharge you and make your immune system strong.

Deadly/Stagnant Orgone (DOR)

  • The DOR feels like life stuck in a puddle.
  • It can be easily felt in most urban areas, as there the technology is thriving.
  • For example, if you go near a Phone tower or a radio/microwave tower, the emissions from that tower react with the Orgone and make it dull and stagnant.
  • Many experience ill-effects due to the DOR and many even face serious illness such as cancer, skin issues, etc.
  • Only few can sense the negativity around them, they would never dare to go near them.
  • Yet another example would be birds losing direction due to cell towers and now dying and dropping dead, due to the 5G towers.


Mostly people use Orgonite to balance out and harmonise their Orgone and to protect themselves from the harmful EMF (all around them) by keeping their magnetic field in a shield of sorts.

  1. Deepen Meditative states à Mediation is a way to look inwards and witness the internal factors. With this device, you can stay in meditative states longer and dive deeper into your own self.
  2. Boost Plant Growth à Plants at your home are in a way serving jail time. They are not meant to be in these concrete jungles, they were supposed to be real life jungles, among their kin and kith. This device makes them feel at home.
  3. Remove Negative energy from a specific place à It will balance out any place and surrounding. By balance out, we mean zero or a neutral ground. Zero is very important, without that nothing can survive.
  4. Strengthen Intentions and Visualizations à It will give strength from the inside. Your will power will be boosted and so will your intentions and visualizations.


  • You can use it to boost your positive activities and curtail/decrease your negative activities.
  • If you feel that some place in your home is off or gives you negative vibes, then place the Orgonite there.
  • To properly cover a room, try putting Orgonites in every corner; thus, making a grid of positivity and balance.
  • Placing them on top (next to) of electrical appliances such as computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, etc will reduce their EMF.
  • Try to balance the Orgonites in your house, spread them evenly to cover more ground effectively.

These Orgonites are just the first step, you got to take the second and the third as well.

– Practice Qi Gong, Yoga, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing along with some form of Meditation to maintain a healthy flow of POR.

– Focus on the Food you are eating, water you’re drinking, the breath you’re taking and the thoughts you’re thinking. They impact Orgone/Prana/Chi too.

Choose what suits you and discard what doesn’t!

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