Orgone Energy

You may have heard about it one way or another, some call it Ether, Vital Alan, Orgone in the west and Prana, Chi in the east.

Basically, it’s the same. It is that one thing that connects us all, binds up together and keeps us harmonised as one.

It is that subtle, hidden in plain sight energy that is everywhere. Some even call it God, because it’s omnipresent and omnipotent.

Every name that has been given to it, is by a different seeker; every seeker has a different way of finding it.


Orgone was termed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He discovered it while he was in USA, after he was ousted by Germany just before World War 2.

Orgone Energy


  • Wilhelm Reich was a renowned scientist from Austria. He had gone through the Freud’s idea that everything in this world is happening because of the primal sexual energy.
  • Since every living being’s whole life is devoted towards finding a partner, mate and then providing for the offspring. Impart these offspring with knowledge needed to live, survive and procreate again.
  • This is just one big chain that keeps going on. Since the energy was sourced out of primal sexual energy, it derived its name from ‘Orgasm’ or one way of release of this energy and got called ‘Orgone Energy’.


Dr. Reich wanted to somehow detect this energy, if possible, try to quantify and then try to use it for greater good. After, a series of experiment; he figured out that few things on Earth responded peculiarly well to this Orgone energy.

  • Organic matter tends to attract, absorb and then hold on to this energy.
  • Whereas, non-organic metals tends to attract and then instantaneously repel it.
  • It filled the whole space, empty or filled; doesn’t matter.
  • It is mass-less and thus it cannot be quantified using Theory of Relativity (E=mc2).
  • It has existed before us i.e. before the beginning of life as we know it.
  • It has strong affinity towards water.
  • It gets accumulated in living beings by their daily intake of food, water, air and through skin.

He tried to control weather, give people instant orgasms, and heal people and their surroundings by altering the Orgone energy around them.

FDA didn’t like the idea of a sex-based energy and shut him down. His research continued through his students and other scientists.

Orgone Energy

Types of Orgone Energy

There are two types of Orgone energy and they are,

a) Positive Orgone (POR): This is the naturally occurring form of Orgone energy. It is free flowing, thriving and alive. It brings out new life and sustains it. It can be found abundantly in any nature hotspot.

b) Deadly/Stagnant Orgone (DOR): This is the unnatural state of Orgone energy, which gets created when it meets the EMF radiation (emitted by all the electronic devices). Its movement slows down and sometimes stops. This leads to living beings getting sick, feeling down, drowsy and negative. They basically start to rot. It can be found prominently around a cell tower or a radio tower.

Orgonite& its Current Applications

The only product that did survive this ban and is available readily in the market is an Orgonite.

  • It is the product which can better human lives by balancing their Orgone energy and even protect them from harmful electromagnetic radiations.
  • This Orgonite is made up of 50:50 ratio of resin (Petrochemical, thus organic), metal shards, quartz crystal and to focus the orgone energy, some natural gemstones.
  • It is normally in a pyramid shape, but can also be used as a ring, earring, necklace, pendant, etc.
  • It helps in improving the sleep, meditative practice, increasing plant growth, removing negative energy from a place and strengthening intentions and visualizations.

Orgonite is a different outlook to the already occurring Life energy and is worth checking out.

So, get your geek on.

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