Orgone Pyramid

An Orgone Pyramid is the orgonite stone that has been shaped as a pyramid. It can be used for decorative purposes around the home or as a jewellery piece.


  • The Pyramids have been built from time immemorial.
  • We all have seen the real pyramids in photos, at least. The Great Pyramids of Gaza, Mayans and Incans Pyramids are the most famous Pyramids.
  • People who have visited these monuments have felt something special around them. People feel spirited, as if they have more life force or energy to live life to the fullest.
  • Some who can sense the unknown have felt almost as spiritual as they would have felt in any other spiritually heightened place like a forest, a waterfall, mountains, etc.
Orgone Pyramid


  • The building of a pyramid, that too a perfect pyramid, needs a lot of calculations, geometry and the right attitude.
  • Pyramids have long been built in the human history to connect with the Spirits, communicate with them, make them offerings, etc.
  • Egyptians used it for their dead Pharaohs, who needed to go to the afterlife with all their material wealth.
  • Mayans and Incans built them to connect with spirits of nature and make offerings to them.
  • Even Chinese and Mongolian Emperors have also tried this idea and built themselves some pyramids, for a better transition to the afterlife.
  • The Chinese Pyramid is almost buried due to immense pressure from the ground around and above it.
  • On the other hand, the Mongolian pyramid for the Emperors of Mongolia is hidden under a plateau and the whole forest around it has been declared sacred and non-accessible.


  1. All the four side triangular faces are symmetrical, and they trap all the energy that enters them inside.
  2. The base of a pyramid is a square and it act as a grounding platform, which helps in neutralising any excessive energy.
  3. The pointy top is used to send out the energy that has been processed, after being trapped and treated in the pyramid, like an energy wave.
  4. Depending upon the inner materials and the way it is placed, the energy trapped by the sides is processed.
  5. This energy wave could then be used to connect to a higher plane, higher dimension or even the spiritual world.
  6. For the pyramid, to work in the prescribed way; all sorts of other components were important like the placement of the pyramid, the alignment of the SUN and the Moon and best results were achieved at a particular location inside the pyramid. That was normally the burial chamber of that monarch.

So in short, everyone was building the pyramids to harness the hidden energy for different motives. They tried to do the same using the pyramid structure in myriad ways.

No wonder, only few civilizations were able to get it right.

Orgone Pyramid


  • Now, imagine the same principal; but now we are not using it to send some dead ruler into heaven with his/her riches.
  • We are just paving a bridge between our world and the place where the Orgone energy is from.
  • Orgone energy resides in all of us living and non-living, but the fact that it is in everyone and thing; makes it precede us. Thus, there must be place/dimension where it is from, or where it resides.
  • With the Orgonites, based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s research; we try to connect our plane with that plane and recharge or sort of refresh the stagnant orgone around us.
  • And since, it has been established that Pyramid shape is the best conductor of energy; one should opt for a pyramid Orgonite.
  • Although, the people who make these orgonites; due to popular demands, have started making pendants, rings, earrings, etc. But even they agree to the fact that a Pyramid Orgonite is the best!

So, go one get your Orgonite Pyramid today and get the perfect balance in your life!

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